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Folklores Coffee Traders​ , offers one of a kind wholesale Roasted and Green Coffee
affiliation, No contract. No obligation. Private label. Services and sale of equipment.
Workshop and Training of Barista.


Why you should consider us? We let you be in charge ​ from the selection of green coffee, which we have the largest collection of based on variety origin ​ ETHICALLY traded​ , you name it we have it, To roast type by partnering with you establishing your signature Roast. ​ MAKING YOU STANDOUT​ . nobody knows your customers and clients taste better than you which the ​ reason why we will let you be in charge,we lend our experience, r but the ultimate final decision is all yours that you will be ​ proud​ to serve everyday of the week. Unchain yourself, ​ we have build relationships with all the right people to offer you all the needs you encounter to run a worry free operation. Repair technicians for all your machine, affordable machine & Equipment suppliers with guarantee and warranty , training of all your team in the art of coffee craft and workshop that build the coffee I.Q,
skill & passion. We guarantee. Your customers will passionately respect you for and will brag about you in every opportunity.All the while you increase your business asset by ownership your Coffee & all your equipment. ​ why promote someone else’s brand, wouldn’t you rather promote you??


Folklores Coffee Traders, ​ is ​ committed​ in ​ your success​ in the ​ Coffee Trade ​ be​ cause,​ our “business” model​ is to do ​ well​ ​ by your side to​ earn our our wings to the​ ​ coffee heaven.

No contract. No obligation.

May coffee be with us.

let us send you a sample.

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